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Theresa Turetzky

Angel Card Reader & Inspirational Medium

Theresa recognized spirituality as an important part of life from a young age. She became increasingly aware of
Angels and loved ones in Heaven in 1994 after the passing
of her mom. Theresa often walks along the beach as a form of meditation and exercise. It was during a recent walk at Jones Beach, where she was praying that her loved ones (her mom, dad and aunt) would give her a sign that they were with her. These 3 family members were especially meaningful to Theresa, both as a child and as an adult. She knew in her heart that these 3 family members were together in heaven. After about an hour of walking, she stumbled upon her sign; A large number 3 balloon lay in the sand in front of her. In that moment, Theresa felt the love and comfort that she was hoping for, which served as validation that her family was indeed with her. 

Theresa is passionate about her work, and her goal is to help heal, coach and empower you to move in a forward direction on your life path. She
 uses intuition and cards to interpret and provide the uplifting and encouraging messages that you need to hear. With an open heart, Theresa starts her sessions with a meditation invocation to connect with Angels, guides and loved ones. During a reading, Theresa connects you to your wishes, dreams and prayers, and holds sacred space for your desires long after your reading is over. It is also not uncommon that Theresa will pick up on energies of a deceased loved one to relay a message of love to the sitter. 


She holds certifications in Oracle/Angel Card Reading, Reiki I and II. She has studied with many tutors from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College.

Theresa has been providing Angel Card Readings for almost a decade, across Long Island, Westchester County, Putnam County and Dutchess County. She has provided virtual readings to clients in several countries as well.


Due to a recent move to the Hudson Valley, Theresa has joined forces with Priscilla Keresey, Jen Jiles and Karen Breslin and formed The DeMystics. They are a group of evidential psychic mediums performing live sold out shows.

She has also donated her services to support charitable organizations including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Pink Aid for Breast Cancer, The Ronald McDonald House, The Bethany House and Let it Shine ~ Gather Love Give Love.


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